The Villa Mamba

it is a property with a 19th century manor house with blue shutters typical of the Charente-Maritime region and a decoration worthy of an English cottage, which gives it a warmth and a very particular and atypical atmosphere

An evidence..

This place of welcome and sharing is the realization of a dream we had. Our names are Christine and Dimitri. We are your hosts at Villa Mamba. For several years, we had the desire to open a guest house. We had the chance to travel around the world and discover beautiful places. We were always very well received. We wanted to give back

Now it's our turn to welcome travelers. We see our role as hosts as a moment of sharing. We do this for the pleasure of meeting people and opening a beautiful place and a beautiful experience. In 2021, our dream became a family project when we fell in love with this manor and the sweet Charente-Maritime

... a place where lives dance!

We met while dancing, and as Hervé Koubi, contemporary choreographer, says so well, "You can dance anywhere, and that's what's beautiful. That's why Villa Mamba takes its name from the contraction of different dances. Dances that are shared by two people. Dances that were born in countries where it's good to travel. It's this spirit of sharing, of travel and of good humor that you will find in the manor, its different rooms and the services offered

The apartments

Mambo's room

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Salsa's room

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Tango's room

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Rumba's room

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